Rembrandt, smiling!

An Excellently conceived and extra-ordinarily delivered piece of Ambush / Guerilla Marketing, done by the Rembrandt House Museum, Amsterdam with their main sponsor – ING: This indeed brings the past alive and face-to-face with the present, thereby invoking interest in knowing more about the Master – Rembrandt himself. Clients, are you hearing?! Wanna explore such ideas?


Bricks on Song!

Thanks to Team Eventjini!




Bricks revamps Bharat RE’s website:


Bricks revamps and evolves Bharat RE’s website into a CMS one. Bharat RE, part of a coveted group headquartered in Chennai, is into providing Re-Insurance solutions. In simple terms, they are the insurance company, other insurance companies go to. Their solutions bouquet also includes insurance solutions and consulting for small, medium and large corporates. With an enviable clientele and a proven track record of settling claims worth dizzying dollars, Brand Bharat RE finally has got the digital facelift it deserves. One of the demanding website projects,this involved intricate understanding of the B2B dynamics at Bharat RE, how their solutions work for their clients and how to showcase them in lucid formats that make the website visitor-friendly for business and non-business customers alike. Crafty, creative juices were poured in, while the web team fought the challenges of accommodating the creative elements, while staying true the technical grammar of a website to perform in considerable speed, with ease of use. All in all, the output is client-relevant and Team Bricks can’t thank Bharat RE enough for letting us have this opportunity!

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Our Chief – Ideas at work!


A Calendar. And a concept that’s timeless.

Rajalakshmi Engineering College has been doing Calendars for quite some years now. But this year, with Bricks around, they wanted to shake the status quo – they wanted a Conceptual Calendar. They wanted something universal, not restricted to the student community, yet relevant to them as well. They wanted something with depth, communicated with brevity. What else can fit into the bill other than our own magnificent, timeless, universal and crisp Tirukkural? So we did this, while ensuring it is presented in a cool, contemporary way. Built the concept around values that are much needed for everyone of us today, yet, covered in Tirukkural eons ago. Apart from this being a challenging assignment, it also is a project closer to our hearts – after all its an opportunity we made the most out of, to cherish and relish Ma Thamizh, in one of her prowess bests!

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